Yoga Certificate Course Registration Form

Yoganiketan has started registration process for Online and Offline Yoga Certificate Course.

YCC Classes will be conducted through online* and offline medium. 

YCC Admission Criteria

  1. Age: Above 20 years and below 50 years.
  2. Education:
    1. Minimum 12th std Pass.
    2. Should not be pursuing any other Graduation or Diploma study presently.
    3. Physiotherapy students who are in final year or above will be eligible.
  3. Health: Reasonably sound state of physical and mental health.

Terms & Conditions:

  1. I will reveal if I am suffering from any medical (physical/ psychological) condition to Yoga Niketan. I understand that Yoganiketan team has full right to discontinue me if any further existing medical issues are detected.
  2. I will practice and participate considering my physical ability, potential and limitations.
  3. I will come for practice regularly, on time by 5:40 am and stay till the end of the class. (Classes will be auto-locked in 15 minutes and participants will not be allowed to enter there after).
  4. I understand that minimum of 80% presence is mandatory to qualify for the examination. Even if online, the presence will be strictly marked. Hence, I assure to have a reasonably good internet connection.
  5. I will not disclose the virtual class link with anyone outside the class group.
  6. I will maintain the class decorum and discipline, keep my video on and microphone off during the classes.
  7. I will try my best to practice in a consistent peaceful and disturbance-free space with clear audio/audio-enhancement facility every day.
  8. I will adhere to the dress code, yoga mat requirement, daily routine and other instructions as given by the Yoga Niketan team.
  9. I will not record teaching sessions in any audio or video medium. If found recording, Yoganiketan holds right to disqualify me for course.
  10. Yoganiketan is not liable for any offline communication held with teachers out of class. 
  11. If registering below form, it is assumed that you have accepted all terms and conditions.

Course Schedule

  1. 109th YCC (May 2, 2022 Tentative Start Date),
  2. 110th YCC (June 2, 2022 Tentative Start Date),
  3. 111th YCC (July 4, 2022 Tentative Start Date),
  4. 112th YCC (Aug 4, 2022 Tentative Start Date),
  5. 114th YCC (Sep 5, 2022 Tentative Start Date),
Duration : 1 month
Timings : 5.40am to 7.59am IST (1 hr. Theory & 1 hr. Practical) Monday to Saturday. Some lectures might be arranged on Sunday if needed.
Fees: The fees for the entire course is ₹1560 (non-refundable and non-transferable).

Theory Subject:

  1. Principles of Yoga
  2. Anatomy & Physiology of Yogic Practice
  3. Mental Health & Yoga
  4. Shatkarma & Pranayama
  5. Wholistic Health
  6. Techniques of Yoga

Steps of Registration:

  1. Fill registration form
  2. Wait for Confirmation message till 15 days prior to respective batch. Ex. For batch on 5th Aug, wait for message till 20th June. In case if you don’t get confirmation till then, contact on below provided contact number. Make sure you type correct whatsapp number as it will be used for all communication.
  3. Pay fees.(Admission will be provided on first paid first basis). Pay only after you receive confirmation of admission.

Contact Details :

For any query related to registration, contact 9328481865 using whatsapp.

Additional Information about other activities

  1. Yoganiketan will announce one more certificate course for students (10th class to graduate). Time and Date will be declared soon.
  2. Yoga Regular Batch
  3. Virtual Yoga Course.
  4. YCC (Yoga Certificate Course 1 Month)
  5. YTTC (Yoga Teacher Training Course 6 Month). Only students who have successfully cleared YCC would be eligible for YTTC (Yoga Teacher Training Course) that would be scheduled from Nov 2021 to April 2022(6 month course)
  6. Advance QCI 3 Month Course.